February 2, 2009

Padre Island

Today found our tour in Corpus Cristi. Walking along the beach with Sarah we both realized that we hadn't blogged since Christmas- wasn't Christmas just last week? At least that's what it feels like. I honestly don't know where January has gone...It has come and gone in the laugh of a child, in a smile, in another day of learning, visits from supervisors, rehearsing, improving, and the temperature rising. This afternoon being the big superbowl game we didn't have a performance and got the afternoon off. The lady I'm staying with took the girls out to the nations largest natural seashore beach! It was beautiful- the girls eagerly ran to the water and splashing around it seemed they would never get enough of it. Since I was a kid just loving the sensation of playing in the water and catching waves has been one of my favourtie sensations so that sometimes I feel as though I just can't get enough of it. Peace, on one of her dives into the waves, comes running back to me to tell me that "wow wow don't drink the ocean Auntie Laura it does not taste good!" I asked her if it was very salty tasting- completely serious she replies "Yes! ...who poured all the salt on it?" I keep trying to take pictures of this place- frantically trying to take in by the snap of a camera lense what appears to only get more beautiful with every block I drive or walk here- but it just doesn't capture the panoramic views I have all around me. The setting sun and the cooling of the evening eventually brought us in to have a picnic snack on the sand before we took a leisurely drive through palm tres and over the ocean back home (not to run it in to you Canadians reading this!)...it was the perfect day.

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