February 27, 2009

Out of Texas!!

This morning was windy and humid in Louisiana. After a good run this morning I made breakfast and read my book and wrote letters- enjoying the quietness of the home on my day off as my hosts went to work for the morning. After working the food pantry for the morning my host, Dorina, came back and suggested treating me for lunch. Seeing as I love food and people I quickly agreed, and half an hour later found us at a quaint little Mexican restaurant downtown. I never get tired of talking about this organization I realized as she asked me questions most people are curious about. Sure, I hear them day in and out but I genuinely love it. I am happy to engage people in the work of Africa- to help them get a glimpse into where these children come from, and to speak of the hope that lies ahead for them and their country. But beyond the usual questions came about such a good conversation- of her stories of faith and how she has been practically stretched and tested in her life. I was inspired as I doubt I would have reacted in the same manner, and encouraged by her challenges to face my own with faith. Sometimes I have to step back and remember that I have only known the people I meet for a couple days- that here I am speaking for the organization, or just personally sharing with them in a strangers home….from that angle it does feel strange- I know it looks strange to some of you to call or e-mail and imagine me hearing from you in a new house every other day- being apart of someone else’s family- but only does it seem strange when you think of it like that. To me, so many hosts over the past month have quickly become new friends. The list of contacts with people I have met along the way, especially over the past month, continues to grow- and that’s exciting!
One of the churches we performed at last month donated us free admission to the NASA centre in Houston- so on Monday we cleared off the afternoon schedule to take the kids there for the afternoon. There were some great exhibits on what life on the moon looks like, and some good interactive actives and several spaceships you could walk through the insides. The kids had their first experience watching an IMAX movie of outer space in which they insisted to sit in the first row front and centre. Haha, they may have regretted that decision later as they covered their ears for every blast off. …driving to our homes at the end of the day sharing astronaut freeze dry chocolate ice cream I’d say it was a hit!

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