February 4, 2009

sunburns in February??

One of my first e-mails from our choir manager when our team had been chosen for this tour was about things to look forward to- among her top highlights being the generous spirit of Uncle Brother Doug and his church, and second to that her story of the beach of Corpus Christi.

" You will love it when you get to Corpus Christi! The team had a beach day where all the North American chaperones got burnt and the Africans all got tan lines"

And yes, now I sit writing to you- my shoulders, arms, and neck completely sunbaked. It continually takes me by suprise-this weather for Febuary. Even this morning the lady I am staying with picked oranges off her orange tree in the backyard to make myself and the girls freshly squeezed orange juice!...and for lunches Peace and Immaculate picked their own oranges off the tree before hopping in the car to head to church.

The other day we told the children they would have three suprises over the next two days to look forward to- the first being a visit from the local fire department. One of the host families is a firefighter and brought his team over with the truck for the kids to explore. After that Christopher, a hopeful future pilot, announces "I am going to be a fireman pilot- so I can fly planes, and when it catches on fire I can put it out." Probably the funniest moment was when Peace got all geared up in the fireman pants, boots, jacket, helmet- everything and then because it was so heavy on her stood up and then completely fell over!

The next day the kids took a walk down the beach and were treated to free burgers at a hamburger chain on the beach- and afterwards the church that's hosting us took the kids to the aquariam- the highlights being the dolphin show and the getting to touch the sting rays. Unfortunately it was my day off so I wasn't with them, but Mo at the end of the day rushes up to tell me that the suprise was "dancing fish that wanted to be a motorcycle."

My day off was spent with Ang, Patrick, and
Sarah- between the beach and a neat
restaurant/tea room we had a great day. I've been really lucky with having my days off in bigger cities lately- the last two being in Austin. I think that Austin and Chicago have been my two favourtie places on tour so far- I just love the culture of the city.

Over the past few weeks the kids have been working hard on studying for exams and in the next couple days the kids will be writing their first term exams since we've been on the road. The exams are really important so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers! An encouraging note from the Music For Life Primary school back in Uganda that the children will return home to...

...If our school was registered, of which we are working on the process we would be ranked 6th in Kampala and 13th in the country. For three years in a row we would have been in the top 20 in the country. Yes, I think that is exceptional when you consider where our children come from…

I can't believe the week is already half over now- hopefully this month won't disappear like the last one and I will try to be in closer touch before Febuary slips away from us.

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