September 29, 2008

I have cozied up to write from a cozy home in Freeport Illinois with brownie and apple cider close at hand. This weekend the choir did four concerts within the past 2 days and we were greatly rewarded by Sunday afternoon off! It is what I have always wished Sundays could be like- just taking the afternoon after church to relax and then later have everyone together for dinner. After singing in the 2 morning services the church had booked the pool at the YMCA for us and the kids got to experience their first swimming pool & I quickly gave up taking pictures to just jump in and play with them. Afterwards, we went to the apple orchard to play in the hay bails and mazes- and for the best part really- to eat the warm freshly made apple doughnuts. Mmmmm....speaking of which I believe there are still some in this house left over...maybe for breakfast tomorrow morning?? (here's hoping) The family I am with has tried to bless the boys with many 'first experiences'- and apple orchard and pool aside we have been to a park that has a castle playground and have been to McDonalds for happy meals and much fun in the place place. During the day we have continued to rehearse, and tomorrow we start school! I am teaching P2 English...which is the same as our grade 2, and really looking forward to it. The kids are eager to start school again after weeks of rehearsing in both the mornings and afternoons. It has been really interesting for me to watch their individual personalities shine through more in rehersals, and it will be neat for me to continue to get to know them in a different light again during school. Rehersals have been going well though- it is a privelage to work with the children and have a hand in ensuring the musical concerts are at their best. That being said, I must be off to plan some things for tomorrow!

p.s- one funny note- the novely of blonde hair and white skin has not worn off- today I was told "Auntie! Your forehead is very good." Not a day goes by where I haven't laughed with every coming hour.

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uncle steve said...

two quick things:

the first - if there are any apple donughts kicking around the house on wednesday morning, please don't feel like you need to leave them behind. i can think of a few uncles who would be more than happy to help you dispose of them properly.

the second - i think if everyone would stop and find a reason to laugh every hour this world would be a much better place. keep the laughter coming!